For centuries, natural stone tiles have been employed by human to beautify their homes. Natural stone tiles are remarkably stunning, as well as sturdy and fire safe. However, one quality of natural stone, as opposite to glass or ceramic tiles, is that they display variations of thickness and color. Each stone tile is unique in its look and thus, cautious matching is needed.

There’re 5 kinds of stone, which are extensively employed in tile maker for both residential and commercial purposes: granite, limestone, basalt, slate and marble. Each type has its own distinctive look & feature. Take these dissimilarities into consideration to help you pick a natural stone tile that fits your home the best.



Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock, the consequence of the extreme force of tectonic folding on dolomite or limestone. Though marble may be pure white in color, it’s often elegantly patterned with stunning earthy hues, because of minerals that were available when it was created. This kind of stone is considerably solid, making it effortless to cut into tiles. Marble stones tiles are frequently used for walls, floors and fireplaces.


Granite is categorized as an igneous rock, signifying that it’s volcanic lava, which has cooled & hardened. Pink, gray and white in color granite is admired for its distinctive dark tarnishes. Its striking appearance, merged with its unbelievable robustness, make it an ideal option for stone tile. Granite tiles are perfect for flooring, bathroom or kitchen countertops, and fireplace surroundings.


Another metamorphic rock, slate can be found in green, purple or cyan, a striking turquoise blue. Slate is a long lasting, easy-to-maintain material which’s amazingly water absorption proof. Tiles made from slate are ideal for exterior and interior floors or walls, countertops, and roofing.


Normally white, off-white, light brown, or gray in shade, limestone is readily accessible and affordable as well. However, it can’t be polished and isn’t usually defiant to staining and scratching, especially from acidic materials such as vinegar or fruit juices. Limestone tiles are ideal for floors, fireplaces, shower walls, and vanity surfaces.


Basalt is a type of magmatic rock. You can avail this kind of tile in light to deep gray, black, or brown color. A sturdy, fine-grained, non-porous natural stone, tile cut from basalt is ideal for walls and floors, in addition to a huge number of attractive and practical outdoor uses such as garden paths, swimming pool surrounds, and fire pits.

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